The Forest

Today we went for a picnic in the forest just off the road not far from our house. There’s something so magical about the forest. The realization that the trees surrounding you have been there long before you ever existed and will likely (hopefully) be there long after you’re gone is humbling. I always like to imagine how many people have looked up at the canopy in the very spot in which I am standing. Perhaps an ancient Polynesian who just discovered the island once felt the crispy bark of the very branch my hand is resting on. Or a “haole” from England or Portugal rested there after a long day of walking. The sound that the wind makes while it’s racing past the old trees, bending their branches and shedding their leaves, seems to be telling tales of the past. Eva seemed to sense this magic too. She pretty much had a smile on her face the entire time we were there. She laughed and cooed and looked around in wonder and delight. She was the most fascinated by the little birds who occasionally ventured near us. Now that I feel she’s old enough to hike around with me in a carrier, I need to convince a friend to go with us soon so I can take  her on a real hike. I’d love to show her a waterfall or two.


  1. You make me so anxious to visit Hawaii! My brother in law is graduating from UofH’s master’s program next May and we are planning a trip out there. I want to visit all the beaches and this forest and actually EVERYWHERE! It just looks so extremely beautiful there!

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