Throwback Thursday: Mt. San Jacinto

Today’s Throwback Thursday takes it back to when we were living in 29 Palms, CA. My mom was visiting for her last week of summer vacation (she’s a high school english teacher), and we thought it’d be fun to go up Mt. San Jacinto. She actually took me there when I was a kid so it was our second time up there together. Mt. San Jacinto is located in Palm Springs, which is about an hour from 29 Palms. The summit is about 10,000 feet up, and there are aerial trams that take you up the mountain (if you don’t want to climb that high). The tram is pretty gnarly and not for people afraid of heights, haha. It shakes and grinds and has big windows so you can look hundreds of feet down into the rocky mountain. When you reach the top there are a bunch of trails to hike and faces to climb. We sort of just explored the area, sticking to some trails and venturing off others. The last time we were up there it was completely covered in snow so this time was a very different experience. My favorite part about the scenery was all the fallen trees. I took lots of pictures with my little point-and-shoot that nobody would be interested in, except maybe fellow geography nerds, so I’ll only share a few. The view was also pretty spectacular. The mountain is known as “an island of biodiversity” and when you look around the reason is pretty evident. All that can be seen surrounding the mountain, all the way to the horizon, is miles and miles of desert.


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