Eva’s First Hike

Last Saturday we took Evita on her first hike ever. It was absolutely fabulous to be up in the mountains again. I missed them terribly. The hike is called “Olomana” or “Three Peaks.” Getting to the first peak requires “intermediate” hiking ability (you have to do a bit of rock climbing and you’re on a very narrow ridge for much of the hike), but the other two peaks are “advanced.” Because of the baby we only did the first peak, which is about 1.5 miles in and 1,000 feet up.
We were at Babies-R-Us Friday night and we found the most awesome hiking carrier ever (and no this post is not sponsored… I wish!). Even though we already had four carriers at home, we just had to get this one. The best thing about it is that it doubles as a chair for the baby. It’s perfect for hiking breaks (since you wouldn’t really have anywhere else to set the baby down in the forest). It also has a nice little shade and rain cover, as well as pouches to store things in. This baby has a lot of hikes in her future so we are very happy with the purchase.
The hike was almost entirely at an incline, with some vertical portions…
When we finally reached the top we had a 360 view of the Koolau mountain range and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
Getting down was a little tricker than getting up. There is quite a bit of loose gravel to slip on. That, and when you are climbing up you don’t notice how far up and close to the ledge you are.
On the way down we stopped to munch on some strawberry guava. This is a no-no since they are an invasive species. They are delicious, but when you spit out the seeds a new plant is very likely to grow. It’s best to save them for later if you can (or put the seeds in a plastic bag).
Evita slept almost the entire way, but when she was awake she was so stoked about everything around her. Here is a short little video of her at the top:


  1. Awesome pics! I haven’t done this hike but I hope to do it in the future. I love the baby carrier too. I may have to consider getting one in the future since I love hiking and I would love to have Kyra with me on future hikes.

  2. These pictures are beautiful!!! You make me want to be in better shape because there is no way in the freaking world I could do that right now without flat out dying. haha Okay, slightly dramatic. Amazing hike though. And, what a great carrier! We don’t have kids yet, but when we do we definitely want to have something like that were we can just pick up the baby and go! Thanks for linking up with the Walkabout!

  3. Beautiful pics you are a cute family too. I am proud of you guys for taking baby hiking. Just goes to show you can still do stuff fun stuff even when you have a child. Your life does not completely stop.

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