Honolulu Urban Art District

When people think of Hawaii they tend to picture miles and miles of empty beaches and crystal clear water. While that is definitely a part of Hawaii, we also have another side. Honolulu is a large city with traffic, skyscrapers, and yes, urban art (or graffiti as some would like to call it). Recently, a local group known as 808 Urban formed to help the youth of low-income communities through artwork. Businesses donate money to the organization and, in turn, have a mural painted (or spray painted) on their wall by local artists. Many of these businesses are concentrated in downtown Honolulu, which has resulted in a beautiful collection of unique artwork that is starting to be known as the urban art district. I had been wanting to walk through the area to get a better view, but school was always in the way. I finally had a chance to scope it out with baby Evita and we had so much fun. I forced myself to learn the forward hold in the Moby wrap so she could see everything, but she eventually fell asleep and I switched her around. If you want to learn more about 808 Urban (or help their cause), visit this website. I’m not sure whether all the photographs I took can be attributed to this cause, but they are all pretty amazing.


  1. Wow. That street art is amazing! Love the colors and vibrancy. And the black paint “Greatness” piece speaks volumes.

    First time visiting – came by way of jenni from the block – and am So glad I did. :>

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