Loving: Texas sunsets. We lived on the East Side in Hawaii (and South Side for the last portion of our stay) so we rarely watched the sun set. And honestly? I think Texas has Hawaii beat in the sunset department. Here’s yesterday’s sunset at the end of my street:
Reading: Does anyone have any experience with or any other audiobook subscription service? I don’t have much time or space to sit down with a book lately, but I spend plenty of time driving between the island and Brownsville everyday. I’m thinking I need to start listening to books instead of reading them. 
Watching: I still have so many shows I need to catch up on (True Blood, Weeds, Dexter). Other than football yesterday, I haven’t had much time for television either.
Feeling: Incredibly sore. In fact, if I could just slice my hamstrings right off I’d probably do it. I’m not acclimatized to working out in South Texas yet, so my workouts have been rough. Now I have a bad case of delayed onset muscle soreness. I’m loving it, though.
Thinking About: My upcoming trip to Quantico for “training.” I’ve been scouring the internet for what Embassy Spouse training entails, but haven’t found ANYTHING! I just wish I knew a little bit more about what to expect. I’ve heard all sorts of things, like that I’ll be taught how to host parties and act appropriately at functions in whatever country I’ll be in. But the only other Marine wives I know who have been on embassy duty are actually from the countries where their husbands got stationed (where they met and got married) so they never went through the training. I’m anxious to find out what I’ll be doing!
Obsessing Over: Still obsessing over finding out which country we’ll be sent to. I keep looking for little “signs.” They’re all pointing to Peru, but I think that’s only because that’s where I want them to be pointing. The chances aren’t very high so I know I’m just being silly.
Looking Forward To: Thursday’s Guttermouth show. I haven’t been to a punk show in over three years. Before moving to Hawaii, they were a regular occurrence for me. I was so deprived out there it makes me sick. I can’t wait to be “where the air is hot and the music is loud” (Bouncing Souls). I get emotional just thinking about it. To top it off, Guttermouth has been one of my favorite bands since I was about 13.
Making me Happy: The fact that Eva can now pull herself up into the standing position (while holding on to objects). She’s been trying to do it for a while now, so when we got to Texas I bought her one of those play tables to encourage her. Today she finally started consistently pulling herself up. I am SO proud of her! And I can tell that she’s proud of herself too. What’s also making me happy is how much fun she’s been having with her family. Here’s a picture of her with her Uncle D.J.:


  1. According to my hubby his mom got lessons on how to host, how to “properly” eat….I guess that would be like etiquette lessons?…and also where to hit a car to make it flip, mmhhmmm weird. They were sent to central and south America. Hope you guys go where you want to, good luck 🙂

  2. haha…my husband was in a snowboard wax company with the bassist of Guttermouth….there a great live show…love your blog, from one mommy to another…from Orange County, CA

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