Eva: Six Months

Evita Pilar, 
Part of me has been dreading this day- the day you’re officially closer to being a toddler than a newborn. I can’t really explain why. I feel like I repeat myself over and over again in these letters to you, but ever since you have arrived time has not let me be. It’s like I never have a chance to adjust to and appreciate whatever stage you happen to be in. Every single day, with every blink of an eye, you grow, you learn something new, you change. I love the rowdy little baby you’ve become, but I wish I had that tiny newborn, who would spend hours napping on my chest, for just a little while longer. And I know in 6 months I’ll miss you at this age too. You are beginning to figure out the world around you and you just can’t get enough of it. You are so full of wonder and energy.
You have become incredibly mobile in the last month. You can pretty much get anywhere you want to go while maintaining the sitting position. I call it butt-scooting. You have also been doing what I call the caterpillar. When on your belly, you push up with your legs and move forward a bit, and then do the same with your arms. You slowly scoot forward in this manner. You get on all fours, but you haven’t figured out how to legitimately crawl yet. Yesterday you got from your belly to a kneeling position back into a sitting position for the first time. 
You love throwing things. You have to grab anything and everything that comes in reach of your hands, and if you have the opportunity you’ll throw it. You also love banging your toys together. Sometimes we use two different rattles to bang the table in a rhythm and you become mesmerized by it. The grabbing thing has become a problem at the beach. Whenever I sit you on a blanket you move it out of your way until you reach the edge. Then, you grab a handful of sand and watch me scramble to prevent you from putting it in your mouth.
You adore animals. You love big dogs the most, and you giggle when they lick you. We’ll have to get you a puppy as soon as we settle down in one place. You love petting our kitties. You laugh so hard when you pull their ears and fur. Recently you’ve also become very observant of birds and butterflies. You can’t take your eyes off them as they fly across the sky. You get the most pensive look on your face. 
You aren’t saying “mama” or “dada” yet but you are starting to make consonant sounds when you are speaking. You also do this loud “EEeeeooooOO” that is the same exact noise people make when they are claiming a wave here in Hawaii. lol
We have had a blast in the last six months. You are the perfect miniature sidekick for all my adventures. Things may be a little more challenging when I have to take you along, but they are also a lot more fun! There’s nothing like that sparkle in your eyes you get when you discover something new. Your little smile is contagious and you’re always getting strangers to smile back.
My little love, today is your half-birthday. It’s crazy to think that we don’t know what part of the world we will be in when we’re celebrating your first. With how fast these last six months flew by, I can’t imagine what the next will be like. All I can do is hold your growing little body in my arms as much as possible before you’re running off without me. And give you a million kisses while saying, “Thank you for being my little baby.”

Month 6 Milestones:

5 months, 3 days – first time balancing in standing position
5 months, 15 days – first hike up a mountain
5 months, 16 days – first time eating homemade sweet potato
5 months, 29 days – first time going from laying position to sitting position (belly to knees to bum)
-reaching up at me to be picked up
-butt scooting and attempting to crawl

Month 6 Stats:

Update on the 14th when we have our appointment! 🙂


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