Eva: Week 25

Evita, this week you’ve really been into deliberately banging your toys. When you’re sitting in your highchair and we give you a rattle, you bang it ferociously against the tray. If we give you another rattle you’ll use both hands to bang them. This week I also made you your first baby food! I boiled a sweet potato and put it into a processor and you’ve eaten some everyday this week. You’re not too stoked about the taste, but you love sucking on plums and peaches. You’ve also started exclusively sitting up in your baby bath now. You’d stay in there forever with your toys if I let you. I’ve also tried something new with your baby floatie this week. I sit in the shallow water on the shoreline with you and let you “walk” along the ocean floor. You don’t even mind when I let go of the floatie and let you on your own for a minute. Other than that, I’ve started making it a point to go over vowel sounds with different consonants in both English and Spanish everyday. I love having time to do stuff like that now. I had a great second week of being your stay-at-home-mommy.

Eva by the Day:

New this Week:
-banging toys together
-the occasional consonant “aadoo”


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