Eva: Week 26

Evita, It’s hard for me to write this right now because you are just talking away, distracting me with your cuteness. You are really all over the place lately. You’re beginning to attempt actual crawling. You get up on your hands and knees and push yourself into the belly position, and then repeat. You are also beginning to notice smaller objects. We were at the beach yesterday when I saw you following something in the sky with your eyes and head. When I looked up, I saw a tiny bird flying along. You’re getting better at eating the food I make you but you’re still more interested in drinking out of our glasses or water bottles. I really think you’re transitioning into being “a handful” of a baby. You always want to go go go and see see see. I have a feeling I need to brace myself for your upcoming stages. 🙂
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-first visit to a waterfall
-regularly getting up on hands and knees


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