Eva: Week 27

Baby Eva, This week you turned 6 months old! You had your well-baby checkup and weighed in at 19lbs and 27.5in. You also had to get your shots. 🙁 You were pretty bummed for the rest of the day. Selena kitty stayed by your side as you rested in bed. You also said “ma” for the first time (the only other consonants you usually say are “da” and “ba” and “boo”). You’ve been trying so hard to pull up on things but there’s not much left in our house to do it on. Everything is pretty much packed. You’re getting closer and closer to being able to crawl. This was the last week we spent in your first home (and tonight is our last night). Next week we’ll be traveling and it will be another busy one for you, but I’m looking forward to it! 🙂
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