Dive Oahu – Electric Beach

I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve lived in places like Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands without ever getting my scuba certification until a couple of weeks ago. I love to skin dive, and the only thing keeping me away from scuba was the price. It can be a pretty expensive hobby. But two weeks before we left Hawaii, I bit the bullet and got my certification. It only took a week- 2 days in the classroom, 2 days in the pool, and 2 days in the open water. I’m so glad I did it… I had SO much fun. I didn’t really reach any new depths or see anything I hadn’t seen skin diving, but being able to stay underwater without coming up was just awesome. I felt like a mermaid. I can’t wait to do it again.
The place we dove is called Electric Beach. It is one of the best spots to dive on the island because of the thermal pollution from the nearby power plant. I had only been there once before during my 1L year. I went with a group of classmates. We did some snorkeling and ate some opihi. Here are some pictures from that time around (2009):


  1. Oh, that is so neat! My husband’s been talking about getting his diving certificate lately too. I can’t really justify it since I doubt we’re ever going to live in a place like this again, but…after seeing your pics I might just let him! Haha. =)

    p.s. Thanks for linking up for Wednesday Walkabout!
    Sarah from GI Joe’s Wife

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