Quarterly Top Five

Today I’m participating in a Link-Up with Ashley, Amber, and Sarah and sharing my top 5 favorite photos of my baby taken from July to September. I have about a million pictures so this was extremely difficult for me!!!! But here’s what I chose:
This is a picture from Independence Day. Eva’s Daddy and I took her on her first paddle board. I love this picture because Eva’s Daddy was paddling so fast that her hat was blowing off. I could tell people on the beach were like, “What the…” but I was standing right there and it was very shallow. Great memories.
This is from one of my favorite roads in Hawaii. Eva and I parked and walked into the forest for a picnik. She was so happy watching all the brances moving and birds hopping about.
This picture is from Waimanalo Beach. I love the colors in the background and her silly little facial expression. 
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It was taken on her 5-month birthday. She’s my little mermaid. <3
This picture is from when I took Eva to watch the sunrise at Lanikai. We missed the actual sunrise, but the lighting ended up being great for some pictures.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


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