North Beach

Hands down, the place I’ll miss the most while I’m away from Hawaii is North Beach. Also known as “Officers,” this spot is located on the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base. The main reason I love this place is because there are waves almost every day of the year. The base is a peninsula that sticks out away from the island, and this spot gets waves during both north swells and south swells (which means all summer and winter). What makes this place even better (depending on who you are) is that it’s closed to the general public. You have to have a military I.D. to get on base and surf here. This means it’s not as crowded as most spots in Hawaii.
North Beach has been our main spot since back in 2005. Although I started surfing in Texas, I feel like this is the place I really learned to surf. It’s the place I first started doing turns and the place I got my first barrel.
North Beach also has some awesome snorkeling and spearfishing spots. Part of the beach is protected from swells and is very reefy.

So, so, so many great memories here.


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