Throwback Thursday: Mihama American Village

Time: August 2010
Place: Okinawa, JapanI just put Eva down for one of her little cat naps of the day and I thought I’d get to my Throwback Thursday post. She is just being extra sweet and fun and adorable today and I don’t want to spend any of her waking time on the computer. As soon as she gets up, we’re going to find an adventure to go on. The Hawaii State Art Museum, perhaps? Only if I can find parking.
So I won’t be writing about my past adventures today. Instead, I was inspired by Gina (who I actually know in real life and not just through blogging) to just post some pictures from the streets of Okinawa. (She lives there, and you can find her here.)
So here are a few random pictures of the “Mihama American Village” section of Okinawa.  We stayed there for a couple of nights. No time for editing and storytelling (although it’s tempting when I look at some of these…)
I’m going to go enjoy being a SAHM. 🙂
On the edge of American Village.
Habu Sake is Yum. And this is probably my favorite no skateboarding sign ever.
Enjoying grape sake (I drank a lot of sake there, apparently) and yummy food.
Leave it to the Texan to find Lone Star memorabilia in a Japanese thrift store.
We just had to try the “Mexican” restaurant there.
This is the greatest invention.


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