Eva: 31 Weeks

My little girl, you seemed to have stretched out this week! I guess all that crawling you’re doing is making you lose some of those adorable rolls. We started this week celebrating your grandpa’s birthday at his house on Monday. We didn’t do anything exciting on Tuesday or Wednesday, but Thursday we finally got all the paperwork submitted for our diplomatic passports. You had to get new passport photos because the first ones were too big. Friday you went to your first waterpark- Schlitterbahn. You LOVED LOVED LOVED the kid’s section! You kept trying to grab the water shooting everywhere. Other than that, I think that you might be going through a growth spurt or intense teething. Your sleeping schedule has been all messed up and you’ve been a little fussy. I can’t blame you, with all the changes you’ve been experiencing.
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-Met Great Auntie Britannia
-First Waterpark


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