Halloween Saturday

Last night was epic. Jackie was supposed to be leaving to NYC but postponed until Monday. That meant she could come out with me and Rikki. (The three of us have been besties since junior high and have only been reunited twice since graduating high school.) We originally planned on just hitting up the Dia de los Muertos festival with the baby, but my mom offered to babysit so we thought it’d be fun to dress up for “Halloween Saturday.” I have a strong aversion to spending a lot of money on cheapy looking costumes so I wore an outfit I already owned and bought a little hood to be Little Red Riding Hood. Rikki always goes all out for Halloween and won’t dress up as anything that doesn’t require makeup so she opted to be the Big Bad Wolf. Jackie decided to join in on the DDLM celebrations and paint a calavera on her face. The three of us got ready at my mom’s house, which was tremendously fun by itself. It definitely reminded me of the “good ol’ days.”

After checking out the festival we did a little bar hopping. We visited my little brother at work (D’ Pizza Joint) and went to watch our friend’s band play (Los Loco Locals). Then Rikki insisted we go to this club for a costume contest. I’m more of a bar person; clubs aren’t really my scene. I couldn’t handle it for very long and didn’t make it long enough to watch the contest. Jackie and I split to Whataburger and grubbed on the most delicious fast food ever before calling it a night.


  1. This is so awesome! I’m with you on not spending money on cheapo costumes- I think you pulled your look off great! Looks like you ladies had a fun time! Stopping by from walkabout 🙂

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