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Thanks to my friend Gina, who sent me a couple of cloth diapers all the way from Japan so that I could try them out, I’m hooked on cloth diapering. Well, sort of. I still only have the two she sent me, so I can’t do it 24/7… BUT, I’m in the market for more, especially since I don’t know if decent disposable diapers will even be available in my new country. Shopping for cloth diapers is a bit overwhelming, though, so I’d love some advice from all you cloth diapering mommies on what to buy.

After the limited research I have done, I wants ones that are:
-one size fits all (I’m diggin the snaps)
-won’t strip their waterproof seal in the washing machine
-one that fits well around my baby’s chubby thighs
-comes with cloth inserts
I don’t really have any complaints about the Flip diapers she sent me, but there are just so many brands on the market and I’d love some input from you before I buy! 🙂


  1. I love Flips! I’ve tried gDiapers, Flips and GroVias and my favorite is Flips. It is a one size fits all, comes in snaps, has a waterproof lining (GroVia didn’t have that) and the stay dry inserts are cheap. You can purchase Flip day packs and it comes with 2 Flip diapers and 6 stay dry inserts for $49.95. You would need 4 for full time cloth diapering. I ended up selling my gDiapers and GroVia for Flips and it’s definitely worth it. Good luck! Cloth diapering can be an addiction.

  2. We love Rumparooz and Fuzzibunz. The majority of mine are Rumparooz and I had great success when my youngest was only about 7 lbs, all the way past her 1st birthday. There is a tab on my blog with pictures and more info 🙂

  3. Alvababy and Sunbaby are both very affordable (around 5 dollars a dipe) and work great, I’ve been using them for 5 months with no problems. Both brands come with inserts and are one size. The prints are VERY cute too! I have 18 dollar bumgenius diapers too but they’re pretty bulky and I reach for my 5 dollar diapers WAY more often.

  4. We have bum genious, fuzzy bunz, oh katy, gro via and itti bitti tutto. BG’s are my favorite- and the only ones we reach for at night, double stuffed they have Never leaked at night and Tindra sleeps for 12-13 hrs. I like them all though- haven’t had a single problem with any of them! Obviously have no clue where you are going but my mom cloth diapered my younger brother when we lived in Bali because she Hated the disposable diapers there.

  5. We use primarily BumGenius. We have a few Fuzzibunz and a few Rumparooz but BumGenius works best for us. We use BumGenius Flips in our diaper bag which works great! We also wash ours in our washer and have done great so far! We’ve had ours for almost a year and are still in great condition 🙂 I would suggest to try a few brands before splurging on just one brand. I have a friend that swears by fuzzibunz but they only worked best for us when our son was tiny. BumGenius just fits better on our son and the leaks are fewer for us with those.

  6. I don’t have much advice, since I am not a cloth diaper mom yet, but I ordered the “try it kit” from cotton babies, it comes with two covers and 6 prefolds, as well as a snappi so you can use the pre fold diaper without the covers if you desire. I am also ordering a handfull more of the prefolds.{53}615{55}562{56}565{63}9833{66}660{64}2660

    You could also check out etsy for diaper covers, I’ve found some super dooper cute ones on there!

  7. I was going to do cloth diapers until we had to move last minute to a place that only had coin op laundry. I did TONS of research and felt like “best bottoms” was going to be the best for us. I loved the two-in-one plus the snaps that you can adjust. I sooo wish this would have worked for us, and wish you the best in cloth diapering!

  8. Fuzzibunz!! Such great diapers. well made, last forever and super easy to use. We have 25 diapers and I do a load every2-3 days. I still use disposable at night though. Im a huge fan of the snaps as well. We have a few bum genius which I like too, but the velcro does wear out after awhile. But by awhile, I mean a couple of years.
    My son is 10 months old and he is a chunker. The fuzzibunz fit great around his monster legs and round belly. The all in one are great, but the pockets are super easy, and are great for addiing another insert for more absorbency if needed.
    I have to warn you about alva and sun baby…. you get what you pay for. they wont last as long, the lining peels, and you are more likely to have leaks.

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