Eva: 8 Months

Evita Pilar,

Another month with my beautiful little baby has flown by. I can’t believe you are eight months old today. This month you’ve made some big learning leaps in communication. You’ve started up with all sorts of new syllables and sounds. You’re also starting to recognize more words and phrases. Sometimes it sounds like you are trying to repat them. Your grandpa taught you how to make this noise with your hands and mouth:

You’ve tried all sorts of food at this point. I regularly give you both pureed food and whole food. Your favorites are pears and chicken (not together). You haven’t encountered food that you’re disgusted with yet, but you’re indifferent about sweet potato. You love feeding yourself, and this has become a problem because you will literally try and eat everything. Before, you seemed to just put things in your mouth so you could taste them or suck on them. Now you look for rocks, leaves, paper, or whatever else you think you can “chew.” I constantly have to keep an eye on you because even when it looks like there is nothing, you’ll find something. 

You slept a little better this month than last month. I don’t mind waking up to feed you because you fall asleep immediately after you’ve had enough. I still wish you would go back to sleeping though the night, though. I could have sworn you’d have some teeth to show for all that fussing you were doing for a while, but still nothing. 

You’ve started really dancing now and it’s so adorable. If you’re standing on something you’ll bend your little knees and pop up and down with a smile on your face. You do the same thing on your booty in the seated position. You’re sick of toys and rarely play with them. You’d much rather get into things you’re not supposed to. You do love your activity table, though, and have started “walking” it across the floor. You also walk around tables and can move anywhere on your feet as long as you have support. I don’t think it will be long before you take your first real steps.

You are sitting on my lap right now and your sweet baby smell is filling my nose with delight. I actually don’t have very much time to write to you right now. We are currently in Virginia, getting the final things in order before we move to your new home overseas. I can’t wait for the adventures in store for us. I love you so much my little sidekick. You are the best baby anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for being mine.

Month Eight Milestones:

7 months, 15 days- first “mama”
7 months, 21 days- first Halloween
7 months, 25 days- “walking” with activity table
7 months, 28 days- first trip to East Coast


  1. I love these pictures. It’s so nice to be able to see her grow especially since she’s so close in age to Cruze. They are doing so much of the same things! I love that video, Cruze has been doing those same sounds. I really need to catch it on video.

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