Virginia Visit

I have been enjoying the beautiful (but extremely cold) Autumn in Virginia. I don’t think I’ve ever seen colors like this before. So far, in our down time, we’ve visited a nature trail, a winery, and some shops and restauraunts in Georgetown.


  1. I have my guesses about where you are going 🙂
    Since Eva is past 6 months (I think) it’s that much safer to get her certain vaccines since her own nervous system defenses have gotten a chance to develop. Of course that is from the perspective of a daughter whose mother has a PhD in neurology, not someone too educated in the medical field. If you have any questions you’d like me to forward to my mother, we are friends on Facebook still and you may or may not still have my number.
    I’m super excited for y’all and I hope we stay in touch because Mikey will be doing embassy duty too in the future! Can’t wait to see the updates on here!

  2. Love that last picture!
    I was also nervous about the vaccine overload. Our new pediatrician gave us the same advice you’re going by…benefits vs risks.
    Our baby will get the HepB vaccine at birth.

    We’re constantly around travelers from every third world country this side of the Atlantic, so we’ll have to give in and get her vaccinated.

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