A Three Hour Tour

Late Friday afternoon we decided to go for a quick boat sesh. We had been cruising and tubing for about half-an-hour when the boat suddenly died. We checked the gas, the battery, the pressure, and everything else we could think of, but nothing was out-of-place. The Gilligan’s Island jokes commenced as we tried the radio for help. “So much for the SOS channel,” I thought when nobody answered our calls. There was no cellphone reception in the middle of the ocean and dialing out was not an option. I ordered my husband to swim the boat ashore. “Eddie Would Go,” I joked. We all knew it was too far, and desperate times had not yet come to desperate measures. However, the sun was beginning to sink into the horizon and we were running out of time. Lucikly, as the medium-sized swells pushed us to shore (not OUR shore, but A shore), we finally got some shaky reception and were able to call for help. A rescue boat came and tugged us in. Despite the slight moments of panic, I ended up having a great time. I saw my first sunset in Tanzania and watched lightening illuminate a huge thunderhead in the distance. I was in good company… we joked and laughed the whole ride home. After the sun went down, a brilliant moon appeared over the ocean. I even saw a shooting star fall from the sky. It was a beautiful experience and one that I will never forget.
When we finally got service…


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