Eva: 9 Months

Evita Pilar,
Today you are nine months old. This month flew by faster than ever. Still, I can’t believe how much you have grown and changed since I was writing your eight-month letter. You are just so big now. When I carry you in my arms you are heavy, and your little feet reach down past my hips. You are starting to mimic things that you see. You lift your arms up in victory on demand, and you are starting to repeat words. Your first very clear word is “bye.” You’ve said it on multiple occasions now and seem to know what it means. Sometimes you pair it with a hand-waving gesture.  It also sounds like you are trying to say other words like “go” and “cat.” When your GG (my mom) points to a painting of a tiger in a bed room, you say “caa.” I swear I hear you try to say my name every now and then, and I’ve also heard you try and say “gra-paw” for your grandpa and “gee-gee” for your grandma.

All your talking and singing is pretty awesome, but by far my favorite thing you have started doing this month is giving love. You give lots and lots of kisses now, and sometimes you’ll just crawl up to me and put your head down on me for a second. You may be demanding and hyper at times, but you are the sweetest baby in the world. I love that you love me, even though it’s not nearly as much as I love you!

You’re not walking yet but you still move on your two feet with anything you can find for support. You want to be on your own so badly. You aren’t afraid of falling, and will even try climbing things if possible. Your dancing skills have improved from last month and you will now bounce up and down or side to side at the first sound of anything with a rhythm. It’s ridiculously adorable. 

Our three-month trip to Texas is coming to an end, and I’m so happy that you got to spend this time with your grandparents and aunties and uncles. They were able to see your day-to-day changes and help you learn and transform. I’m soooo sad they won’t be there for your other firsts, like your first tooth or first steps, but we will keep in touch on Skype and visit as much as possible. You might not remember any of it, but I these memories we’ve created will be in our hearts forever.
My sweet baby girl, you continue to bring so much joy and love into this family. Thank you for being ours.

Month 9 Milestones:

-initiating games of “peek-a-boo”
first Thanksgiving
-mimicking arm gestures
-first tumble
-giving kisses
-first words “bye”and “cat” (but more like “caa”)
-first trip to the zoo


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