Eva: Week 40

Baby girl, on this day you have officially spent more time outside of my belly than in. It really puts into perspective how long a pregnancy lasts. In the last 40 weeks you have transformed from a tiny, fragile baby who could barely open her eyes to huge, rambunctious crawler and almost-toddler who always keeps me on my toes. This is the first week I won’t be able to publish your weekly update on time, because we are in a new home, on almost exactly the other side of the world from where you were born. When you were placed in my arms after 39 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy, I never would have thought we’d be in Africa together 39 weeks and 6 days later. Your first international flight was a bit rough on you. You’re definitely at that stage where you just want to crawl and be free, which wasn’t really possible during the 28 hours you spent in the air. During our 36 hours of traveling, you probably only spent about 6 (at the most) sleeping. I don’t know why you were fighting it so hard. Except for a restless night, you’ve done well in your new home. Today you met Santa Claus for the first time (yes, Santa Claus visits Tanzania, too.) This week you turned nine months old and have been perfecting one of your first words, “cat.” You say it unprompted, whether you see a picture of a cat or one of your real-life kitties walks by. You haven’t said “bye” much lately, which you were saying for a while, even when you are being prompted. Hmm… Well, that’s all I got for you today. I’m so excited for all that you will be experiencing here in Africa, even though you likely won’t remember a thing.
Eva by the Day:
New this Week:
-first international flight
-moved into new home
-first time in Indian Ocean
-first time meeting Santa Claus

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