Eva’s First Christmas

Welp, I wanted to post about Eva’s first Christmas a few days ago but it turns out the internet out here is going to take some getting used to. The way it works out here is like some cell phone services- it is not “unlimited.” You pay for a fixed amount of GB at a time and once you exceed those GB you are cut off until you pay again. At some point during one of our Christmas skyping sessions we got kicked off. It’ll be pretty much impossible for us to download anything unless we want to spend a fortune on internet, and skyping or anything else that takes up a lot of bandwidth will also have to be limited. This is a major bummer for me. Anyway, we had a nice Christmas despite being so far from our family in Texas. We obviously couldn’t buy a tree out here but I shipped a mini one from Target a few weeks before we arrived…
We slept in a bit and let Eva open her presents as soon as we went downstairs. She was much more interested in the wrapping and bows at first, but ended up loving what Santa brought her after we put that stuff away. She received a stuffed giraffe, which is the national symbol of Tanzania, as well as some blocks, some keys, a barrel of monkeys, and a book about animals.
After opening presents and eating breakfast, we headed to the beach for sun and relaxation. It was a beautiful day. Eva loves the warm Indian Ocean. Aaaandd…. It was the first time she played in the sand without trying to eat it! The beach is going to be a lot more fun for us again.
After a few hours we went home and got ready for Christmas dinner. I had shipped a box of stuff to make tamales with, but it didn’t arrive in time. There are no turkeys available here either so I cooked a not-so-traditional dinner of pollo asado and mexican rice.


  1. I’m sorry your Christmas didn’t feel quite like Christmas but it looks and sounds like you made the very best of it 🙂 Eva’s red striped jammies are the cutest! I wish it was easier to find adult footie pajama’s like those! I’d wear them….a lot.

  2. Erica, I don’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog but nonetheless I’m a faithful reader. I just want you to know that I think you are awesome. I know it must be hard to live in such a foreign land, but you seem to be able to put a positive spin on life and it’s very contagious. Keep your head up! Happy new year from Portland, Oregon.

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