Eva’s First Trip to the Zoo

Before we left the States we knew we had to take Evita on her first trip to the zoo. She is just obsessed with animals and loves watching them and touching them. It was pretty clear right away which animals she loves best. She’s not all that interested in monkeys or bears or giraffes… she adores birds. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, or whether or not they can fly. When she spots one, there is no diverting her attention. In second place came the big cats. She loves our kitties at home, and “cat” was her first real word, so this wasn’t surprising to me. She also enjoyed being able to touch the animals at the petting zoo. I really think this was the perfect age for her first trip.


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    That’s awesome! So cute that she’s into animals. We still haven’t taken Emery to the zoo yet. She’s all about the “ocean” and “dolphins” right now. Sadly, we don’t have one close by. But hopefully over the summer we’ll get to go visit the Dallas Zoo and Aquarium. :)

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