Yesterday my mum took me to my favorite restaurant, Sea Ranch, for a delicious meal. When you walk into the waiting area of the restaurant, there is a little shop that sells fine and handmade jewelry. I was scanning the trinkets for something I might like when something unusual caught my eye. In a sea of golds and silvers there was a black beaded necklace with a pendant on the end of it. The pendant was of a geographical shape with a flag on it— MY flag. The flag of the country I will be moving to. No other piece of jewelry in the store had any sort of flag or country shape to it. Not one person that I know of on my tiny island is from that country or even that region. The necklace was completely out of place and had no apparent reason for being there.
“What does this mean,” I wondered.
I happen to believe in signs. I don’t think they ever come to you when you are looking for them. There are too many distractions when you are looking. But every now and then, they come.
So I bought the necklace, even though it cost $20 and I’ll probably find the same exact one for $1 when I get there. I bought the necklace even though I’m not exactly sure what it means. Maybe it’ll be a good luck charm for my upcoming adventure.
I obviously can’t post a picture of it yet, but I’ll definitely come back to this post and share it. For now, here’s a picture of the beautiful sunset I watched from my table shortly after.
Do you believe in signs?


  1. I do believe in signs. A few years after my father passed away, my sister and I were sitting in Cracker Barrel eating dinner. We hardly ever talked about our dad back then because it was too painful, but for some reason we decided that day to relive some happy memories of him. At that moment, “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash came on – that was one of his absolute favorite songs by one of his favorite artists. We both were shocked and started to get teary-eyed and felt that it was definitely a sign from him. <3

    So glad you’ve gotten a sign about your new home. So excited for you.

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