Something’s Fishy

It’s Christmas Eve and my husband has his first case of Montezuma’s Revenge, or whatever the African equivalent is. I think I may be going back to semi-pescatarianism while living here. The beef, chicken, and eggs all taste terrible to me. Everything is a very light color for some reason. The eggs don’t have a yellow yolk; they have a white yolk. Even the ones advertised as having “yellow yolk” have a very light pastel-like yellow. I think it’s because the fish is so abundant here that the livestock are fed fish meal, which makes them taste a little bit like fish. (This theory of mine cannot be substantiated, so don’t take my word for it… although I know that it definitely IS the case in other parts of Africa.) I LOVE fish, so I didn’t expect this to bother me so much, but unless these things are loaded with salt and hot sauce, my taste buds just can’t tolerate them. My husband doesn’t notice a weird taste and he has no problem eating any of the food. I think all those years of eating MRE’s has desensitized his taste buds.

On the upside, the fish here is absolutely delicious and relatively cheap. I could eat it everyday, but I know it’s not recommended because of the mercury. My husband ordered a bunch of protein powder from so I can balance out my diet a bit better. We’ll probably have to order more hot sauce from South Texas as well.

Another delicious part of East Africa is the fruit. The mango is to die for, and even the strawberries are delicious, which I didn’t expect. Eating fruit in Hawaii can get pretty expensive, and I’m glad I won’t have to limit myself as much here.

Maybe I’ll get used to the food here. Or I’ll just stick to the fish and delicious Indian food as my staples. Either way, I know what meal I’ll be ordering when I first visit the States again.. steak & eggs.


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    When I first moved to Singapore, I was excited to try the food because I had read and heard wonderful things about the diverse cuisine there. Unfortunately, everything tasted OLD to me — especially the meat. I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, so my taste buds were out of wack. Thankfully, the food started tasting better in the second trimester! :)


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