Changing Names

Sooo…. you may or may not have noticed that I finally decided to change the name of this blog. Like I explained a few months ago, I wasn’t happy with “Mi Todo” after someone told me they thought they were reading “My ToDo” as in “ToDo list” haha. I recognized that the majority of my readers probably don’t speak Spanish and I could see where it would be confusing. (For the record, Mi Todo is Spanish for My Everything.). When I named my blog Mi Todo, I couldn’t really think of anything else, and I had the intention of changing it eventually. I just couldn’t think of what to call it. Apparently there is some unwritten rule of blogging that you can only change your blog name once, and you have to do it before you get a significant following. We’ve been quickly growing around here, and I felt like I was running out of time for a change- that I just needed to do it.
This blog seems to be moving in the direction of a lifestyle blog rather than strictly a baby blog. After Evita turns 1, I won’t be publishing weekly baby updates anymore, and this blog will be even more about us as a family rather than her as a baby. Still, I wanted a name that would capture a little of both. I also wanted something that would semi-hint at our nomadic lifestyle. At one point I thought of calling it WanderLove, but after googling it and finding out it is also the name of a teenybopper book, I couldn’t do it. Then, I was listening to Jack Johnson when the name of his latest album (and one of the songs on there) inspired me.
I, like Jack Johnson, was born and raised by the sea. The ocean has always been my home, my playground, my therapist, and my church. When I’m too far from the ocean, I can feel it. It’s a nervousness deep in my soul. Even though I say I want to see the world, I know I really only want to see the coastal world. That’s how much it means to me. When I listen to Jack, I can strongly relate to the many ways he uses the ocean as a metaphor. When I heard the song “To the Sea,” I felt the urgency of needing to get to this place he was singing about. When I listened to the words of the song, I suspected that getting to the sea was about finding peace. So I googled it to be sure, and what Jack Johnson had to say about the song convinced me it was what I needed to name this little blog of mine. He said, “It’s about a father leading his son to a place where he can dive deeper and try to understand himself.” So “To the Sea” has a few meanings. Along with Jack’s metaphor and the obvious dedicatory language, the three words bring many happy images to mind: of driving with a truck full of surfboards, heading to the beach; of climbing a hill or turning a bend to see the ocean kissing the sky; of trekking around the world, trying to see as much sea as possible before our time is up.
So sorry for any confusion this name change might cause. I’m not sure if you’ll have to change the URL in your Google Reader or whatever. If you do, the new URL is .

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