Eva: Week 43 (& 1/52)

Baby Eva, you are now a toddler! I think it’s safe to say you have officially started walking. You can take up to 7 steps before falling or getting tired and sitting down. You can stand up for pretty much as long as you’d like now, and you can even dance while in the standing position. It’s pretty amazing! Another thing you learned this week is how to clap your hands! You don’t do it open-palmed yet, but you definitely grasp the concept of quickly putting your hands together and taking them apart. It’s adorable.This week we also welcomed 2013. In a little over two months, you will be a year old. That’s so hard for me to believe. I love you, my little stinker.

Eva by the Day:

New this Week:
-clapping hands
-dancing in the standing position (unassited)
-first New Year’s

Here’s a little video of you dancing and taking a few steps:


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