Eva: Week 45 (& 3/52 of 2013)

Evita Pilar, this week you’ve been standing up and walking around by yourself a lot more. I’ve also been pretty good about speaking to you in Spanish all week, and you can give both “besitos” and “kissies” on demand; you can point to both the “monito” or the “monkey;” and you understand several other words and commands. It’s amazing how much you can learn in just one week, and I’m making it a point to speak to you in Spanish as much as possible now. I’ve been meaning to do that since you were born, but have been bad about it. Now that you’re starting to say real words and respond to us, I have an easier time remembering to do it. This week you’ve also started to give high fives, which is awesome. I started planning your first birthday luau a few days ago, and can’t believe how quickly it’s approaching. You’re still my little belly monster, as far as I’m concerned.
Eva by the Day:

Here’s my portrait of the week for 3/52 of 2013:

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