Eva: Week 46 (and 4/52 of 2013)

Evita Pilar, it seems like so much has happened in the last week. You are now walking all over the place. You can stand up, walk across the room, pick something up off the ground, and toddle all the way back across without stopping. You really got the hang of it! On the downside, you also got your first black eye this week when you fell and hit the side of the bed. 🙁 It wasn’t too bad and you only cried for a second, but you have a little bruise and raspberry from it. The pain was probably nothing compared to the THREE TEETH you have coming in. I think I can finally say you have your “first tooth,” because the tip of it is completely protruding from your gums. It is the bottom left tooth, and the other two teeth that are starting to poke out are the two teeth to the right of it. You also added a new word to your vocabulary… “dog!” Funny it’s another animal, huh? On Tuesday all your stuff from Hawaii finally arrived in Africa, so you’ve been enjoying playing with your old toys (and boxes). I’m so excited about all these changes!

Eva by the Day:


New this Week:
-first tooth
-first black eyeMost of these pictures were taken in a hurry this week (I’ve been busier than ever), but this is my favorite for week 4 of 2013:

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