Mission: Surf Tanzania

We caught our first glimpse of swell at the beaches down the street. The waves were well overhead and very surfable. However, there were no surfers in the lineup- something that can either be interpreted as either super awesome or super scary. The beach breaks with the best waves are in semi-shady parts of town, where even your slippers will be stolen if you leave them on the beach (so we’ve been told). Additionally, I’m not really familiar with how sharky this area is or what the conditions are like. I wouldn’t be as concerned if I didn’t know that I will often be the only person or two out there. Our household goods (and surfboards) haven’t arrived, so we can’t go out yet, but we’re already making plans to do so. We’ll park at a nearby shopping center and pay a masai to watch our truck. I will wear a rashguard and the longest boardshorts I can find. Aaaanddd… we’ll try and get more people out there with us on our extra boards. It won’t be so bad. I’m also looking forward to going out on the boat and checking out the outer-reef spots. If the waves break this big on shore during a swell, I could only imagine what it looks like out there.


  1. Hey, so I just stumbled on this post while looking online for surf communities in Dar… I’m a teacher here and would love to start surfing. I have a SUP, but no surf-board yet, but would love to join you guys someday if you do have an extra board I could borrow… I’d also love to learn anything you can share about surfing in / around Dar.

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