Touching Babies, Part 2

Remember when I wrote about touching babies a while back? How it’s perfectly acceptable to touch strangers’ babies where I come from? Well apparently in Tanzania it’s on a-whole-nother level. For example, I was eating dinner at a restaurant the other night, when, without asking, one of the waitresses scooped Evita out of her highchair and carried her away. I watched the waitress take Eva to the payment counter, where some of the other girls were standing. They smiled at her, talked to her, laughed with her. They reached into a jar of cookie biscuits and gave her one. They passed her around when they had run to a table, or what not. Eva was having the time of her life. And me? Well, I was too. I was able to enjoy a quiet dinner and drink for the first time in a while. I like the sense of community child-rearing here. I feel like it provides for endless learning opportunities. For both of us.

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