Loving: The mango in Tanzania. I previously thought the Philippines had the best mango in the universe. I had tasted Mexican mango and Hawaiian mango, but I never liked mango until I had one in the Philippines. Yesterday, I was dicing a mango for Eva and it was actually difficult for me to share it with her. She was standing at my feet, reaching up at me asking me for another piece faster than I could cut it. She loved it as much as I did. It was so sweet and juicy that I slurped up the juice leftover on the plate afterwards. Am I a horrible mother or was it just that good?

Wishing: Someone would hurry up and invent one of those human teleporter things so that I could see my family whenever I want. That will forever be the most difficult thing about living away from home.

Craving: Yesterday I was craving food from the Thai restaurant down the street from my house back in Hawaii. I’m not sure if there are any Thai restaurants here, but I would love some spring rolls and volcano rice right about now.

Missing: A lot of things. I miss being able to get in my truck and drive to the beach, or for a hike, or to the mall, even if I don’t plan on buying anything. I miss hanging out with my friends whenever I want. I miss eggs that don’t taste like fish. I miss Monster energy drinks. I miss Hawaii.

Reading: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I know, most people usually read The Fountainhead before they read Atlas Shrugged, but better late than never.

Watching: A lot of bootleg DVDs. My recent favorites have been Django, The Words, and Savages. We have the AFN network on our TV now (which is military-based cable for people living overseas), but it sucks so I hardly ever watch it. The commercials (which are all public service announcements) are sort of entertaining in an extremely annoying way.

Worrying: There quite a few stressors I face on the day-to-day, but I try not to dwell on them. I’m in East Africa… Hakuna Matata, right?


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