Eva: Eleven Months

Evita Pilar,

Today you are one month away from your first birthday. I can hardly believe it, but at the same time I know how real it is. You are not a baby anymore. I can feel you getting heavier in my arms everyday. Your little face is getting less and less squishy and more and more defined- like a kid’s face. I used to be able to close my fist around your tiny feet, but now they are more than a handful- in both the figurative and literal sense. In the past month you went from unsteady walking to running. You know when you’re doing something bad, and when I turn the corner and catch you, your chubby little feet start pumping the ground and sprinting away. You get this little smirk on your face, like you almost got away with it. It makes it so difficult for me to keep a stern look on mine. I almost always end up smiling right along with you. Maybe that’s why you rarely take me seriously when I tell you not to do something.

You’re quite the squirmer. Your night-wakings are on the decline, though, and you can usually make it through the night with only one extra feeding.

You must have some Carribean blood in you, because the only way you’ll eat chicken is if I serve it with mango. You certainly won’t eat it with potatoes. I think that’s cute. Other than that, we pretty much let you sample whatever is on our plate. We like our food spicy and are often hesitant to give it to you, but you demand it anyway and the spices don’t seem to faze you.

You currently have FOUR teeth coming through! One of them is completely poking out of the gums, but hasn’t fully come in yet, if that makes sense. You’re taking it like a champ!

Your favorite game is still rolling a ball back and forth, but you’ve also become more interested in stacking things, such as the colorful rings on that classic baby toy. You also like showing us that you know where things go, like putting my hat on my head or my sunglasses on my eyes. You are always trying to share things, even when we can tell you’d rather have them for yourself (like your puffs… you love your puffs). You’re still an avid dancer, and have come up with some new moves in the past month. Dancing with you is my favorite activity.

You’ve been calling me mama more and more lately. You still don’t say many real words, but this month you’ve added “gato” and “dog” to your vocabulary. You still call most animals “cat,” even though when I ask where the appropriate animal is (monkey, zebra, lion, etc.) you point to the correct one on your wall or in a book. You can also identify your family in pictures. I’ve been doing Spanish and English flahcards with you to try and teach you as much as possible. Most of the time you’d rather just eat them, though.

You’re the sweetest little thing. The amount of kisses you give has doubled, and you understand both the words “besito” and “kissy.” It amazes me how loving you are. Sometimes you just walk over to me, your kitties, or your giant stuffed penguin and rest your little head on us for a second. The funny thing is, you used to be scared of that penguin, or “pingüino” as you know him by. When we first put him in your play room, you always kept a certain distance away from him, with an unsure look on your face. Eventually you built up some courage and cautiously approached him. You reached out your chubby little hand to touch him, only to jump back in fear. A few days later, you offered him your chupie as a truce. You two have been friends ever since, but you’re still a little nervous to touch his beak. I’m a little bummed I didn’t get the whole ordeal on video.

Even though my heart breaks whenever I think of how fast you are growing, you’re becoming more and more fun with every month and I love it. I love getting caught up in a fit of laughter with you. I love being able to watch you do the things I have taught you to do. I love all the things you have taught me. I love you so much, my Evita. Thank you for being my little baby.


Month 11 Milestones:

-first tooth
-new words: “dog” “gato”

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