Eva: Week 47 (& 5/52)

Baby Eva, This week has been pretty low key for us. We didn’t go out and explore much, but we still had fun playing at home. Everyday you get better at walking. I love watching you toddle around, talking to yourself or looking for your kitty cats. You now call them “cat,” “gato,” “cato,” or “cat ke-ey” (instead of kitty cat). You’ve also become obsessed with climbing things and are always trying to get up on the couch and coffee table. You now have four bottom teeth coming in, and you actually seem to be handling it pretty well. You’re still sleeping in the bed with us even though your crib is all set up in your new room. (Yeay!) We’re finally getting out on the boat again today so hopefully you will have some fun playing in the ocean. I love you, baby girl!
Eva by the Day:

5/52 of 2013 (portrait a week project):

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