Eva: Week 48

Baby E, This week you went on your first sailboat. You loved dangling your feet in the water and splashing around. You started this new line of babbling where it sounds like you’re saying “gurgle gurgle gurgle gurgle.” You discovered how awesome it is when I repeat what you’re saying, and you laugh hysterically when I do. You’re becoming more and more mischievous. I can always tell when you’re up to no good, though, because  you get very quiet. When I discover what you are doing, you sprint away from me as fast as you can, with a huge grin. You love this new alphabet poster we got you. You aren’t satisfied until I go through the whole alphabet, sounding out the matching words and pointing at every picture. Tomorrow you turn 11 months old,  which I can hardly believe. I love you, my little terrorist.

portrait of the week for 6/52 of 2013:

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