First of all… I finally got my iPhone back, and NO, it’s not unlocked. I’ve been a customer of Sprint for about 10 years now, but they refuse to unlock it while we’re stationed here in Tanzania. So I guess they save $200 bucks on the phone but lose thousands in the long run, because I refuse to go back to them when I get back to the US. Now I’ll have to either illegally unlock my phone or buy an iPhone 5 (which I don’t see myself doing in the near future because those things are expensive). Still, the amount of pics and videos of Eva has gone up exponentially since I got my phone back, which I’m extremely happy about. Also, I finally signed up for Vine, but I haven’t found many people to follow. Are you on there? Look for me (although I’m not quite sure how you would go about doing that yet). Here are a few iPhone pics from our weekend…
Drive-by photo. Can you count the smiles?
We’re still co-sleeping. I had to use the flash, but isn’t this adorable? Hah.
She loves collecting leave and flowers from our yard. She also tries to put the plumeria on her ear herself. I die.
As you can see in the top-left pic… she finds a way to climb everything.
In Tanzania we pay the Masai to watch our cars.
Still no progress on getting yacht club memberships, but we were able to get in with some friends this weekend. Eva had fun playing in the sand and in the pool, and climbing things she’s not supposed to…
Climbed up here from the grass. Little sinker.


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