Day One: Hands

This month I’m participating in The Mama Earth Project. There is a prompt for every day, to photograph or write about. Above is the picture I chose for today’s prompt, below are the words it inspired.

I remember when I first saw them.

They were still in my belly.
When they arrived, they’d squeeze my finger so tightly.
I never wanted them to let go.

Then they were discovered.
A tiny baby would put them in front of her face and stare inquisitively.
They were frequently taste-tested.
Next, they were put to work.
They explored their surroundings and grabbed everything within reach.
They guided these objects into a toothless mouth.
But they played, too.
They threw balls.
They stacked blocks.
They collected flowers and leaves.
They began to communicate.
They waved hello and goodbye.
They pointed at things.
They clapped.
These little hands have grown so much in the past year,
yet they still have so far to go.
One day they will draw pictures and write stories.
They will plant seeds and pick flowers.
They will grow, create, and nurture.
And I will always remember the times I could kiss them softly and hold them in my own.

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