This week was rainy rainy rainy. I love the rain, so I really can’t complain, but I was a bit bummed that it kept us away from the beach most days. In other news, my truck FINALLY made it from Hawaii to Tanzania! But guess what? The people delivering it filled it with diesel when it takes unleaded. I nearly lost it when I found out. At least there is a Ford dealership here, and their insurance will take care of the damages. Ugh. I can’t wait until it’s in my driveway again. Some GREAT news is that we finally cut Eva’s night feeding out. The first few nights I would gave her water instead of milk (even though there was quite a bit of complaining about it), and the last few nights she seems to have decided that water isn’t worth getting up and fussing over. One cute thing she’s been doing this week (although I really think it started a couple of weeks ago) is she tries to brush her hair. Adorbs.

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