Around Dar: Cliffs at Coco Beach

I’m not too fond of the tide schedule for the past week or so… low tide has been peaking mid-afternoon, exposing the reef and making the water extra-shallow for miles. There are thousands of urchins here (most likely because sea turtles are poached or otherwise killed). It’s not a good time to surf or take the baby in the water. Still, we ventured over to the cliffs at Coco Beach on Sunday to check it out (and mostly just to get out of the house). It had been raining all morning, and there were still remnants of thunderclouds in the sky. There were people out fishing and hunting for crabs in the tide pools. Low tide is a good time for exploring and collecting shells, if you bring the right shoes. I can’t wait for high tide to return to the afternoons, though, so we can jump off the cliffs into the warm Indian Ocean.
Someone lives in this little cliff/beach shack.
Fishing the Indian Ocean.
low tide at coco beach, dar es salaam
the skyline of downtown dar es salaam


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