Day 15: Tree

I love looking at trees. Especially at really weird, interesting ones. This is probably the coolest tree I’ve ever seen. And the stinkiest. Scratch that. The stinkiest tree I’ve ever seen is on the Manoa Campus by Paradise Palms Cafe. I don’t know what it’s called, but you can smell it for miles (slightly exaggerating). Anyway, the coolest tree I’ve ever seen is the cannonball tree in Waimea Valley. It has big, beautiful red flowers that turn to fruit that looks like cannonballs. The fruit smells so bad that you can rub it on yourself if you’re out of insect repellant. Pretty neat evolutionary trait, huh?

I also love banyan trees. Roots are always growing down from the branches, making me want to swing from them like George of the Jungle. One of my favorite roads is Nuuanu Pali, where the hang on the road in the creepiest fashion:

Here are some of pictures of other pretty trees on Oahu:

And a couple from here in Tanzania:

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