Day 25: Earth

Today’s prompt is earth, which makes me think of Geography, which makes me think of the days I spent studying aerial photography (not actually taking the pictures, but determining scale, distance between objects, etc.). Whenever the flight attendants in a plane take their seats for arrival, that’s when I usually bust out my camera phone. (Shhh!) Here are a few images I’ve captured. I know I have more somewhere…

British Columbia, Canada
Somewhere in Japan
hell lay
The Queen Isabella Causeway leading to Port Isabel, TX
North Shore, Oahu

And speaking of aerial photography, I was a passenger in a plane that landed during a hurricane. True story. Below, on the right, is a picture I took of the TV screen shortly after we landed in Brownsville (right on the border). It was super shaky and everyone cheered once the plane stopped safely on the runway. It was pretty intense. I’m not sure why it was wasn’t delayed, but it was the last plane in or out.

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