Eva: 52 Weeks

Well baby Eva, I guess this is the final weekly update I’ll be doing for you. In a way, I’m glad about this. It was getting so difficult to lay you still for a photograph. You hated it. But in another way, I’m going to miss it. This little project has been part of our every Saturday since you were born. It seems as routine to me as washing your diapers or preparing meals for you. With every piece of fabric I used, I hope to make a quilt for you. I’ve never made one before, but I’d like to learn. I hope you enjoy these weekly updates one day. I know I’ll love reading through them from time to time, remembering what you were like as a baby. In this last week of your infancy, you went down your first pool slide. You did a lot of talking on imaginary phones. You climbed up onto the couch without any sort of help or stepping stool. Also, lately you’ve been trying to play our acoustic guitar. You love strumming the strings with your chubby little fingers and listening to the noises it makes. Tomorrow you’ll be one year old, but no matter how old you get you’ll always be my baby. I love you, Evita Pilar.
Eva by the Day:

Portait of the Week for 10/52:

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