Rainbow Hunting

I’ve been wanting to participate in Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday for a long time;
with this week’s theme I couldn’t resist finally tagging along…
1. RED
Back on the other side of the world, my hometown just got through celebrating Charro Days, a holiday honoring Mexican-American heritage.  I bought this dress for Evita at the market last time I was home, and thought it would be the perfect time to wear it. The photo is a bit out-of-focus, but her little face is too precious not to love it.
This flower is called an African Tulip. Normally the tree it’s on is bursting with them, but they must not be in season anymore. I love this flower because they were all over Hawaii, and when I arrived in Dar I found a tree growing in my backyard. It makes this place feel a little more like home.
The leaves from this bush in my yard look like someone splattered yellow paint on them.


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