Throwback Thursday: Malama na Honu

Did you spot the sea turtle in that picture? Maybe not, because this photo was taken five years ago when camera phones were first starting to get decent. I don’t remember what kind of phone I had, but I assure you it was one of the ones that come for free with my contract. Still, the scenery is so beautiful that the photos are actually worth looking at. They tell the story of my undergrad days, when I volunteered at Malama na Honu on North Shore. The organization exists to care of the endangered sea turtles of Hawaii. My volunteer duties included posting up at a beach known to surfers as “Laniakea” or “Lani’s” and to tourists as “Turtle Beach.” Hundreds of tourists come to this beach everyday to see the turtles, who have chosen this beach as a basking ground. Volunteers educate the tourists about the turtles, and make sure they don’t eff with them. I know, it seems like really rough work. Hah.
Me driving to Lani’s on a chilly winter day, playing with my new camera phone.

Lani’s is one of the best places to watch the sunset on Oahu.
I swear it’s a coincidence that this is the third post this week about “causes,” but if you’re in the area and would like to volunteer, you can find the info here.

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