This week’s portrait is from one of Eva’s favorite places… on my back in a kitenge. Remember I mentioned my truck finally arrived from Hawaii about three weeks ago? First we had to deal with the delivery guy filling it with diesel instead of unleaded, then we had to wait another two weeks for our tags, and now I can FINALLY say it is currently sitting in my very own driveway. I’m so excited. I missed it SO much. We are already planning our first African road trip, which will be happening very soon. In other news, Evita has reached the obsessed-with-bellybuttons phase. She lifts up everybody’s shirts to inspect them, and lifts up her own when we mention the word. She’s also been into turning her sippy cups upside down to make milk art on the carpet (#littleshit). Other than that, I had a much better week than last. I had that volunteer opportunity, was able to check out a local museum, and had a couple of fun beach days. I have a feeling next week will be even better now that I have my truck. 🙂

My favorite portraits from last week can be found at Maggie Stone Vintage. Her kids are too adorable and I just love their little outfits. You can find all the portraits from last week here.

I’m posting a runner-up for Evita’s portrait-of-the-week since I’ve already posted a picture of Eva in her kitenge for this project:

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