I know this is the third time I’ve shared this picture, but it’s definitely my fav of the week…
Today I turn 26 years old, but I’ve felt 26 for a few months now. When people would ask me how old I was, 26 would come out before 25. I’m not really sure why. Maybe because it has been such a long year, birthday-to-birthday. I graduated law school, spent an entire summer studying for the Bar, then spent a few months in Texas before moving to Africa. I went from being a mother of a newborn to a mother of a toddler. I have changed so much in the past year. My heart has expanded enormously in some ways but has grown more cynical in others. I like this age, though. I don’t miss my early 20’s and wouldn’t go back if given a chance. I’m excited to see what my mid- to late- 20’s has to offer.
We are celebrating my birthday by going on our first safari. Rainy Season is still around, so I’m not sure how many animals we’ll get to see, but I know it will still be worth it to spend some time away from the city. Other than that, it has been a good week leading up to my birthday. We had gorgeous days filled with sunshine in between a few rainy ones.
Also, I took so many pictures of Evita this week that I just love… It was the most difficult week I’ve had choosing just one. So I’ll share TWO runner ups today…

My favorite portrait from last week was of Stella walking in the tidepools of a beautiful beach in Bali, a place I plan to visit on the way to the next country we’ll live in. (It’ll be a while…)

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