I haven’t done a currently post in a while, so here we go…

Happy About: Eva’s new friend, Juliet. She’s 10 years older than Eva, but neither seems to mind. Eva is not very interested in babies. We were at the beach the other day, and there was a family with three girls. At first, Eva walked over to the baby who was right around her age, chatted for a bit, then got bored and went to play with her older sisters for the next half hour or so. Whenever she sees Juliet, she lets out a loud squeal in delight.

Missing: Family and friends, like always. TWO MONTHS AND TWO WEEKS TIL I GET TO SEE THEM!

Obsessing: Over a little trip we have in the works. I don’t want to say where we’re going incase I jinx it and the plans fall through (like the trip to Italy we were supposed to be on last week… thanks sequester. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot worse things that have been cut with the sequester, but I was really looking forward to that one.)

Watching: I found a bootleg version of Downton Abbey so I thought I’d watch it to see what the hype was about. I enjoyed watching all three seasons, but that show is pretty darn predictable. I wish they’d get a little more creative with the plot. My husband and I have moved on to The Good Wife, which is also semi-predictable, but we’re obsessed. At least I am. I feel like it’s keeping my legal mind sharp.

Listening to: Nothing new. One artist that has frequently been selected on my ipod for the last few weeks is Murs.

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