Expat Diaries: Malaria Meds

I thought the Expat Diaries linkup was every week instead of once a month, so I wrote this post with that in mind. Oh well, I’m posting it anyway because I do what I want. 😉 Remember last week when I thought better times were coming? That the homesickness was finally wearing off? Well, my intuition was wrong. It hit me like a hurricane a few days ago, a thousand times worse than ever. But I’d rather not discuss it. Instead, I’ll write a little about what I had planned on writing about… my struggle with malaria pills.

Malaria is no joke. People on this program get it pretty regularly, and rainy season is definitely the season for it. I seem to be a mosquito magnet, so I’d rather not risk not taking medication for it. I wrote about taking Doxycycl when I first started it back in December. Doxy is the type of malaria medication that you have to take everyday. Back then, my only side effects were tripped out dreams and occasional nausea. Then, over time, I started randomly getting heartburn. It would start immediately after taking the pill. Actually, it felt like the pill was burning my throat as I swallowed it. Sometimes it would last all night, but it was always gone by morning. Then a week or so ago, the heartburn (or acid reflux or whatever it was) became extremely intense. I couldn’t sleep, and I could barely eat or drink anything for about two days. Even now, I still feel a sting and tightness in my chest when I swallow anything. The only time I’ve ever experienced heartburn in my life (other than this) was when I was pregnant, and it was no comparison to what these pills are causing me. Crazy, huh? What sucks is that the doctor says it’s best for me to try and keep taking it until I reach the 4-month point (which tomorrow, thank God). Then I’ll be able to switch to another medication (maybe methoquin, which is what my daughter is on.) Anyway, sorry if this is a boring story, but I thought it’d be something to consider for you soon-to-be expats moving somewhere with a malaria problem. Doxy isn’t for everyone.

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