Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here are my interpretations for this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk. (The gist is that you’re supposed to take five new pictures to match the prompts for the week.)
Here’s a pic from Evita’s 13-month picture sesh. We got a break in the clouds long enough for the sun to cast a glow on her skin, the sand, and the water.
2. OLD
This can be found at one of the beaches nearby. It seems to be in a spot where both people dump their junk and the waves wash the trash people have thrown in the ocean to shore. I can only imagine the harm this does to the local ecosystem. So depressing.
Aren’t baby feet the best?
Okay, this picture was taken last week, and it’s not Spring here (it’s Autumn) but I love it and figured I’d share it again for this prompt.
This picture was taken at a volunteer opportunity I participated in yesterday. I’ll share more from that day later this week.

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