Throwback Thursday: Blowholes

A lot of people stop by Halona Blowhole or “Blowholes” when driving along the East Side of Oahu, but most only watch from above without bothering to venture down and check it out. There happens to be a beautiful cove below the lookout. If you’ve seen the movie “50 First Dates” it is where Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore share their first kiss. It’s supposidely also where Nikki Minaj shot her “Starships” video, but I’ve never seen it (or even know what song that is) so I can’t verify, and don’t feel like going out of my way to do so. There are rocks to climb and a huge lava tube (maybe it’s man made though?) that goes all the way under Kamehamea Highway. You can also hike along the coastline. Here are a few pictures I took there (and a couple extra at the end) from when my mama and little brother Diego came to visit me. I was about 12 weeks pregnant. 🙂

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